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Brand Story

Brand Meaning

Pine:Evergreen trees-pine, can extract rosin or turpentine oil, etc., seeds can be pressed oil and edible, its quality is not afraid of cold, proud frost and snow, perseverance;

Field:The land where crops are grown. Songtian, a land full of pine trees, implies the production of high-quality factories and the cradle of cultivating outstanding talents. Songtian people make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of "creating Songtian brand and striving for the first peak of the industry" with the spirit of continuous self-improvement!

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OE Quality

About 13 years ago, the middleman brought an American customer to our company. The middleman introduced our radiator fan to him in advance. At that time, the customer stressed that the radiator fans they had purchased before were all original parts (OE). As Matsuda was not a factory that produced original parts, it was not clear whether our products could meet their standards, so we suggested sending two samples to the United States for comparative testing. A month later, the customer sent a detailed comparative test report, comparing the Songtian sample with the OE parts originally purchased. It was found that there was no substantial difference in performance index and the appearance was completely consistent. Even the discharge port and minor defects of the injection molded parts were in the same part. The conclusion showed that the products from the two sources came from the same mold. It turned out that the OE parts purchased by the American customer were German customers from Matsuda. Since then, the customer has turned to our company to purchase radiator fan products.

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Quality leads the market

In 2007, a Russian customer came to us and hoped to carry out the development cooperation business of related products. After reaching an agreement, he sent us some samples from Russia for development. We found that these Russian original samples were not only heavy but also inefficient. Therefore, we made drastic design changes to them. The products became much lighter and the power was better than the original ones. In addition, the customer's own market development ability, products such as radiator fans and air-conditioning blowers produced by Matsuda have been recognized in the Russian market. Later, other customers used Matsuda products as a template for product development. Many potential customers came to Matsuda with Matsuda products purchased from the Russian market and said, "This is a hot-selling product in our market. Please Matsuda see if it can be developed? Because this product is exported under OEM, local customers know that it is the product produced by Matsuda.

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Global Services

About 11 years ago, we exported a batch of wiper motors to Germany. When thousands of products were transported to the customer's warehouse, we found that there was a quality hazard in this batch of products, because our supplier changed a part, which might affect the product function. In order to prevent the products from flowing to the market in batches, our company immediately discussed with the customer to suspend the sales and waited for the engineers of Matsuda Company to go to Germany for inspection and repair. As a result, we arranged for engineers to fly directly to Germany at a fast speed to repair the problem goods. This move left a very good impression on the customer, not only did not cause major losses to the customer, but also won the trust of the customer, so that our business between the rapid growth.

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Design and Production Capacity

A European customer, looking for a three-gear wiper motor, has gone through 2 or 3 years and exhausted all possible channels. There are very few motor factories in the market that can produce this structure. Except for the Ming joint venture Valeo, other factories hardly dare to make this product. The customer saw this product in our catalog, and after a few changes, they can meet their requirements.

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