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Start mode: start directly when the voltage is reached, the essence is a DC permanent magnet motor, which directly blows and cools the radiator, working mode: continuous (S1), choosing a high-quality blower is a prerequisite to ensure that the car air conditioning system is in good condition all year round, Always provide customers with a comfortable riding environment.

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Product Details

       The blower is one of the important devices in the automotive air conditioning system. Essentially, it is a permanent magnet DC motor, which is the power source for air flow inside the vehicle. Choosing a high-quality blower is a prerequisite for ensuring that the car's air conditioning system is in good condition all year round (providing functions such as cold air, warm air, and defogging for the driver's cabin), and always providing customers with a comfortable and safe riding environment.
       Matsuda produces over 1000 types of blower products, including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Mercedes Benz, Ford, General Motors, Renault, Mazda, Toyota, Jeep, Opel, Nissan, and more. Its main export markets are Europe, Russia, and North and South America.

Product advantages
       1. Good balance performance: The product's balance performance is 100% calibrated, and the balance performance is far higher than the industry standard requirements.
       2. Effective and reliable: The product assembly performance is 100% tested, and the product performance is effective and reliable.
       3. Energy saving and environmental protection: Using high-performance magnetic tiles, the motor efficiency is higher, the power consumption is smaller, and it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
       4. Not easily deformed: The wind turbine and base are made of PP10 GF30 material, and after adding fiberglass, the product has stronger strength and less deformation, making it more reliable.
       5. Low noise: Using eccentric magnetic tiles reduces the excitation noise of the motor.
       6. Good comfort: Equipped with silent bearings, the motor operates with low noise, resulting in better product comfort.

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