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Start mode: start directly when the voltage is reached, the essence is a DC permanent magnet motor, which directly blows and cools the radiator, working mode: continuous (S1), choosing a high-quality blower is a prerequisite to ensure that the car air conditioning system is in good condition all year round, Always provide customers with a comfortable riding environment.

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Product Details

      Fan is one of the important devices in the automotive cooling system. Essentially, it is a permanent magnet DC motor that directly blows air to cool the radiator. A high-quality fan can ensure that the car's water temperature is always at a suitable temperature, and it also ensures that the engine or drive motor (referred to as new energy drive motor) operates in a good and stable environment.
      Matsuda has produced more than 1300 radiator fan products, mainly involving Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Ford, GM, Fiat, Renault, Logo, Lada, and a large number of products are exported to Germany, Denmark, Türkiye, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries and regions. With over 20 years of export experience, our excellent quality and thoughtful service have been recognized by our customers, and we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Product advantages
      1. Good heat dissipation effect: The radiator fan adopts advanced aerodynamic design and high-quality materials, which can provide efficient heat dissipation and ensure stable equipment temperature.
      2. Low noise: Adopting a low-noise design and high-quality bearings, the radiator fan generates very little noise during operation, improving the comfort of the usage environment.
      3. Long lifespan: High quality materials and manufacturing processes are used to ensure that the radiator fan has high durability and lifespan, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.
      4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The radiator fan adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which can reduce energy consumption while ensuring heat dissipation, meeting the environmental protection requirements of modern society.
      5. Easy to install and maintain: The structure design of the radiator fan is reasonable, and the installation and maintenance process is simple and convenient. Users can easily perform installation and cleaning operations.

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