Enterprise culture

Matsuda "six-word policy" Enterprise Strategy Corporate Vision Enterprise Mission Quality Policy Business philosophy Employing ideas management concept

Matsuda "six-word policy"

Innovation, responsibility and persistence

Enterprise strategy: three new three fast three good

Three new: technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation

Three fast: fast development, fast delivery, fast solution

Three good: good staff, good products, good quality

Corporate Vision

Create Songtian Brand Strive for Industry Pioneer

Enterprise Mission

Deep-cultivated automotive motor high-end intelligent manufacturing, to provide customers with high-quality products

Quality Policy

Create high-quality car parts brand is the never-ending pursuit of Matsuda people!

Business philosophy

Quality determines the success or failure of an enterprise, and specifications determine the future of an enterprise,

Quality determines the fate of an enterprise, and efficiency determines the rise and fall of an enterprise.

Employing ideas

People-oriented, cultural retention

management concept

Execute! Unconditional execution!