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Filming of Matsuda's corporate image promotional video under the camera, featuring behind the scenes footage for solo broadcasting!

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In order to fully implement the company's management goals for 2023, on the afternoon of July 28th, Matsuda Company convened an expanded meeting and mid year summary meeting for management personnel above the level of team leader and company reserve cadres. Based on summarizing the company's business management work from January to June, the meeting clarified the business management work ideas, goals, and key tasks for the second half of the year and even for the future.

  To promote Matsuda's corporate culture and showcase its corporate image, after careful script planning, organization, filming preparation, and overall deployment, Matsuda Electric's corporate image promotional video officially started filming on October 18th.



  During the filming process, under the guidance of professional directors and staff, all employees of the company actively cooperated and immersed themselves in it with a focused and serious attitude, striving to make every shot of this shoot perfect. Here, the editor will present the first-hand exciting highlights and witness the birth of Matsuda Electric's corporate image promotional video, both on stage and behind the scenes.


  Growing together with Matsuda under the same blue sky
  The filming begins with "Songs of Matsuda". "In the water town of southern Zhejiang, the fragrance of mountain tea, and the gathering of Matsuda elites..." The magnificent song resounds throughout the factory area, spreading to every corner. The song stirs the hearts of every Matsuda person and also inspires their fighting spirit.



  "Ah Matsuda, persistently fighting against storms, Ah Matsuda, daring to take on responsibilities beyond dreams..." Matsuda employees are full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit; "Ah Matsuda, stride forward with high fighting spirit, Ah Matsuda, dare to innovate and create brilliance..." The management team is passionate and passionate. The photographer spared no effort in capturing the exciting scenes, just to freeze the best moment and preserve the beautiful time. At this moment, every moment is worth cherishing.


  "Creating a brand, we are full of passion, striving for first place, we set sail, we set sail, we set sail, we set sail..." The hundred person formation sang loudly, and the passionate melody echoed in our ears.



  After the filming of the factory song, the employee basketball friendly match pushed the atmosphere of the day to a climax. The "responsible team" and the "innovative team" engaged in fierce competition, running, jumping, shooting, dunking Both team members went all out and presented a visually exciting feast for everyone. The cheerleaders at the scene were also awesome, cheering and applause throughout the whole process.



  The singing of the factory song and the basketball friendly match both leave a deep impression on people. Whether it's the serious singing Matsuda people, the hardworking running Matsuda people, or the cheering Matsuda people, they all shine like stars.


  Shaping corporate image and showcasing spiritual style
  The filming of the factory and office buildings is the highlight of this Matsuda corporate image promotional video.
  During the process of filming production equipment, the filming team and Matsuda employees persisted in striving for excellence in the face of the roar of machines and the impact of metal, striving for perfection in every frame, without compromise, deception, or compromise.



  Each shot is meticulously designed by the director, telling the story of Matsuda through visuals, presenting customers with the most authentic factory environment and high-quality excellent products.
  The filming of the office area is also constantly exciting, and the director constantly explores the best shooting angle to ensure that every scene is vivid and exciting: scenes of employees working in the office, walking in the lobby, reading in the book bar, and so on. The actors were fully prepared and actively participated in the filming with the most serious attitude, presenting Matsuda Ren's good spirit and professional service level.


  Chuangsongtian Brand Strives for Industry Pioneer
  After three days of hard work and dedication from all staff, this shooting activity has come to an end. Matsuda Company sincerely thanks all the filming personnel on stage and behind the scenes, as well as the actors who participated in the production of this corporate image promotional video. The actors from Matsuda displayed their best form and most beautiful charm in front of the camera.
  What's even more surprising is that Matsuda Company has invited two excellent foreign models to participate in the filming, one of whom has appeared in many well-known films. Let's look forward to the release of the main feature of Matsuda's corporate image promotional film together!


  Matsuda Electric uses its professional strength to build brand reputation and is committed to providing customers with more worry free and reliable high-quality products. Every product reflects Matsuda's professionalism and dedication, and every order represents Matsuda's commitment and responsibility. Matsuda will continue to make unremitting efforts to promote the healthy development of China's automotive and motorcycle parts industry, work hand in hand with customers, and create a more brilliant future.



  "The rapid changes of Matsuda Electric are the result of the hard work and hard work of all colleagues. With wisdom and sweat, everyone has promoted the company's long-term development." Mr. Dai, the General Manager of Matsuda Electric, said that we will continue to practice the corporate strategy of "three new, three fast, and three good", adhere to the core values of "innovation, responsibility, and persistence", and strive to achieve the vision of "creating Matsuda brand and striving for industry pioneers"!

Matsuda corporate image promotional video
It will be grandly released at the 2023 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition!
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