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Start mode: start directly when the voltage is reached, the essence is a DC permanent magnet motor, which directly blows and cools the radiator, working mode: continuous (S1), choosing a high-quality blower is a prerequisite to ensure that the car air conditioning system is in good condition all year round, Always provide customers with a comfortable riding environment.

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        The transfer case motor is specifically developed for four-wheel drive vehicles. The motor achieves forward and reverse rotation through instructions provided by the transfer case control unit (ECU), and then outputs to the internal shifting mechanism of the transfer case through a precision multi row star gear reduction mechanism inside the motor. This enables the vehicle to switch between two wheel drive, low-speed four-wheel drive, and high-speed four-wheel drive, enabling better traction, controllability, and stability on wet and slippery roads such as snow and mud, as well as rugged mountains.

Product advantages
        1. Improve driving stability: The transfer case motor series products can adjust the power distribution between the front and rear axles or multiple wheels in real time according to the vehicle's driving status and road conditions, ensuring that the vehicle can maintain a stable driving state in various road conditions and improving driving safety.
        2. Enhance off-road performance: In off-road or complex road conditions, the transfer case motor series products can respond quickly, transfer more power to the required wheels, and improve the vehicle's off-road performance and off-road capability.
        3. Improve fuel economy: By optimizing power distribution, the transfer case motor series products can reduce unnecessary energy waste and improve fuel economy.
        4. Strong adaptability: The transfer case motor series products can adapt to various road conditions and driving modes, providing the best power distribution scheme for both urban and off-road conditions.
        5. Easy to operate: The transfer case motor series products are usually equipped with intelligent control systems, which can achieve automated control and operation, simplify the driver's operation process, and improve driving convenience.

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